Pokemon GO players have been begging for an event that isn’t centered around Battle Raids and they have finally got their wish. After a summer full of chasing Legendary Battle Raids non-stop, Niantic has announced a Fall Equinox event that is much more similar to the old Pokemon GO holidays. The event doesn’t start until Friday, but players can begin preparing their inventory to get maximum value right now.

Players who have made it beyond level 25 in Pokemon GO know that the end game is a ridiculous grind. Reaching level 40 is a feat that requires a ridiculous amount of dedication and many serious players are still more than five levels away from the max. Because of that, it’s crucial to take advantage of any opportunity to score bonus experience points. The Fall Equinox event’s chance to get bonus stardust and special eggs only helps to sweeten the pot.

Pokemon GO Super Incubator leak

The first thing players should attempt to do before Friday is clear out their inventory of eggs by picking up some incubators and doing a lot of walking in the next day or two. This step is most important for players who want to capitalize on the increased chance to hatch Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar, and others during the event. The contents of an egg are determined when the egg is picked up, so players shouldn’t spend the whole week walking around hatching old eggs that they picked up before the event started.

The most important step for players who are looking to level up during the event is to hold off any new evolutions. This event offers triple XP bonus to players for new Pokedex entries, so combining that with a strategic Lucky Egg can make for some fast power leveling if players have a few new evolutions ready to fire off.

There isn’t much to do to prepare for the double stardust opportunity, aside from getting ready to do a lot of walking. Players will earn the bonus for catching pokemon and for hatching Eggs, so be sure to keep the game open and active during the week to build up on the rare resource. And don’t spend it all in one place!

Good luck out there, trainers.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for users on Android and iOS devices.