Niantic has announced the issue surrounding double Stardust rewards during the Pokemon GO Equinox Event has been resolved.

The company took to Twitter to ease the woes of Pokemon GO players experiencing the problem. Stardust, an essential component in powering up Pokemon, was supposed to be doubled during the event, but wasn’t functioning correctly. That issues has officially been resolved, which should ease the minds of troubled trainers.

Double Stardust is just one of the many perks available to players during the game’s Equinox Event. The event is also offering special 2km eggs at Pokestops and Gyms that contain rare Pokemon, and triple normal XP when registering a new Pokemon. Additionally, players have the opportunity to purchase special event boxes that contain helpful items, including new Super Incubators that makes hatching Pokemon more efficient.


In addition to special events, Pokemon GO players been busy engaging in the game’s various raids — or waiting for an invitation to one. Players will have to enter and dominate a raid if they hope to catch any of the available legendary Pokemon. The flavor of the month right now is Mewtwo, which was recently added as a part of the game’s EX raid battle system. This system is still currently being tested, so right now it’s invite-only. For those lucky enough to have a shot at it, check out our tips for catching Mewtwo.

While the developer is still working diligently on Pokemon GO, Niantic has already dropped hints on its next game. During an interview with TechCrunch, Niantic CTO Phil Keslin explained how the company intends to broaden the augmented reality experience with this new title. Keslin states that AR isn’t just visual, adding that he and the team have been focusing on audio and to how that sense adds to the immersive nature of AR games. No release date was mentioned, but when asked if the game would be released next year Keslin responded with an elusive “maybe.”

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Source: Twitter