Pokemon GO Easter Eggstravaganza Event Ends Today


Almost exactly one week after it began, Pokémon GO’s Easter Eggstravaganza is coming to an end. The Easter Event will officially end for mobile users later today, at 1am PT.

While not nearly as exciting as some past holiday-themed events, Pokémon GO’s Easter festivities still gave players plenty of reason to dive back into the mobile game. For starters, the event tweaked almost everything related to eggs, from increasing the XP earned from lucky eggs to adding more Pokémon to the egg hatching loot pool.

The biggest change for the event was the downscaling of select Pokémon from higher distance eggs (5KM, 10KM) to lower tier (2KM). That meant players could hatch rarer Pokémon from less rare Pokémon. Moreover, if players assumed the event was egg-focused ahead of time – we speculated as much prior to the Easter event – they could have saved up a few and hatched some better Pokémon in the process.

The Easter Eggstravaganza also added some Gen 2 Starter Pokémon to the egg hatching drops, making it so players could earn Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita via a new source. Up until that point, the Gen 2 Starters were very hard to come by, but the Easter event made them a little less rare.


Overall, it seems like the Easter event was a success for Pokémon GO, as the mobile title jumped back to the top of the app store charts shortly after the Eggstravaganza began. Typically, the events tend to bring players back, if only to see what developer Niantic has added to or changed within the game.

Whether or not the Eggstravaganza was a success beyond the surface interest is up for debate, but the good news is Niantic apparently has some big plans for Pokémon GO this summer. Obviously the developer is not revealing anything yet, but one member of the Niantic staff suggested that the event will be “huge.”

This has led to speculation that the summer Pokémon GO event could include the rumored cooperative raids data miners found, or perhaps it will be the first legendary Pokémon release event. Only time will tell, but now that the Easter event is over, all focus is on what’s next.

Pokémon GO is out now for iOS and Android.

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