Eevee holds a lot of potential in Pokemon GO, to the point where fans are taking to the internet to complain about the evolution Pokemon being too over-powered.

Pokemon GO has been out for a while now and it seems that players have begun to analyse the game more closely – with several fans coming to the conclusion that Eevee might be a little too over-powered.

When a Pokemon evolves in Pokemon GO, they grow greatly in strength, seeing their Combat Power (CP) multiplied by a small factor in order to show the might of the new form. Eevee, however, appears to get a far larger boost than many of the other creatures and therefore appears to be rising quickly in popularity with the hardcore community.


Factualx on reddit posted about the issue, claiming that with just a 25 candy evolution, Eevee could go from 650CP to 1700CP. This is a clear issue, especially when creatures such as a male Nidoran would require 2 evolutions and a total of 125 candy just to reach a 1450CP Nidoking.

What’s more, the creature that Eevee evolves into can also be chosen by the player, thanks to a recent discovery. This means that Pokemon GO fans can pick and choose what type their evolution is in order to best help themselves, furthering the idea that Eevee might be a little broken at present.

A creature that made its way onto our list of the top 10 most unique Pokemon, Eevee is a simple Normal-type thats greatness is shown through its many evolutions. While Pokemon GO only currently supports first-gen Pokemon, this still leaves Eevee with 3 creatures to evolve into, complete with the huge power boost that comes with the transformation.

Of the 3 evolutions, Vaporeon, the Water-type, appears to be the center of attention as of late. This rare Pokemon’s appearance was enough to cause a stampede in Central Park the other day, proving just how valuable people see the creature. Unfortunately for those who caught it, the real power that Vaporeon holds would be from evolving it yourself, meaning that one found in the wild is likely far weaker than the potential held by a fresh Eevee.

This isn’t the only example of people going crazy for Pokemon GO, however. After the app’s explosive release, it seems everyone is beginning to live out their dreams of being the world’s greatest Pokemon master. Of course, this leads to a whole load of strange occurences, something we’ve compiled for you in our feature on the craziest Pokemon GO stories of the week.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android mobile devices in select regions.