Pokemon GO Easter Event is an 'Eggstravaganza'


Niantic announces the Pokemon GO Easter event, promising an 'Eggstravaganza' for players of the hugely popular mobile game. The themed event follows the recent Water Festival in which players captured over 500 million Magikarp in an attempt to catch a shiny.

As part of Niantic's egg-themed bash, Pokemon GO players will be able to pick up a lot more loot than usual. Beginning at 1PM PDT today until 1PM PDT on April 20, the Easter event and 'Eggstravaganza' sees that a "greater variety" of Pokemon can be found in 2KM eggs and players will also earn more Candy for each egg that they hatch.

Moreover, double XP will be on for the duration of the event. Niantic itself notes that if players combine this with a Lucky Egg, they'll be able to get four times as much XP as they normally would. Making the event even "sweeter" it says, is the fact that Lucky Eggs are 50% off in the in-game shop.


Unfortunately, Niantic's official announcement about the event makes no mention of the rumor that the Easter event adds new shiny Pokemon. As the developer neither confirms nor denies that new shinies have been added with the update, there's no reason to rule it out just yet. When the update goes live later today, players may well find shiny Pokemon as a Pokemon GO Easter egg, so to speak.

New shiny Pokemon or not, the Easter Eggstravaganza event may prove a hit with players anyway. Pokemon GO's daily users have apparently dropped by 80% and so many would agree that any introduction of new content – including new events (even if they are only on for a week) – are a good and easy way to get players back in the game.

These events are also seen as an important stop-gap between Pokemon GO's major updates. The larger DLC that Niantic has planned potentially has the power to draw people back in huge numbers, especially if they've dropped the mobile game because of a lack of things to do. But until then, many players will agree that getting more loot and XP isn't half bad.

Source: Niantic

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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