Pokemon GO Players Have Found All Current Easter Eggs

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Santa Clara, California recently wrapped Animation on Display, a convention dedicated to celebrating animation in all its forms. There, a panel titled "Origins of Pokemon GO" was lead by Niantic technical artist and designer David Hollin, who gave insight into the game's humble beginnings. Among the many details disclosed, Hollin revealed that he believes all current Easter Eggs hidden throughout Pokemon Go have been found.

The panel was attended by user bureika, who documented the event and posted the information publicly on Reddit for other Pokemon Go fans to devour.

During the panel, Hollin made a point to emphasize that he was not officially representing Niantic, but since he's been with the game from the very start, his opinions and insider information were nothing to brush-off. After kicking off the panel by dishing on the past of Pokemon GO, Hollin began moving gameplay and future developments. This led into a discussion about the game's various hidden Easter Eggs .

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Of course, no one can discuss Pokemon Go Easter Eggs without bringing up the famous Eevee naming trick, which allowed players to control how their Eevee would evolve. According to Hollin, when they allowed the same trick for Umbreon/Espeon after Generation 2 was released, it took players a matter of forty seconds to discover it.

Last year, at San Diego Comic-Con, Niantic's CEO John Hanke addressed attendees at another Pokemon GO panel where he teased many undiscovered Easter Eggs still hidden throughout the game. But it appears players have either stumbled upon or unearthed these as well, if Hollin's comments are believed.

This doesn't mean more won't be added in the future. Pokemon Go is an ever-changing and evolving game; much like the creatures that inhabit it. Additionally, the Pokemon franchise has been around a while and there is no lack of material to draw inspiration from. For now, however, players are hoping Niantic continues to focus on new gameplay features instead, such as the often-requested trading option.

This feature and many more are still planned for the game, as Pokemon GO is still very much alive and kicking despite its popularity waning significantly since its explosive inception last year. It has been downloaded over 650 million times since then, which is an impressive feat. There are still plenty of updates and special events coming down the pipeline, and players waiting to enjoy them because, let's face it, the promise of upcoming legendary Pokemon is just too awesome to ignore.

Easter Eggs have been a part of Pokemon Go since it began, so its safe to assume that eager players will find many more as the game continues to grow. Happy hunting.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit

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