Pokemon GO: How to Get the Most Out of Double XP Events


Starting today, Pokemon GO's Eggstravaganza 2017 event is underway and players have eight days to gain as much experience as possible before the double XP event shuts down on April 20. There are a lot of ways to score XP in Pokemon GO, but players who want to make the most of the limited time event will want to follow this particular strategy.

Gamers who have power leveled through Pokemon GO using Lucky Eggs can confirm that the best strategy for gaining experience quickly is to activate a massive number of evolutions while walking around and hoping to hatch a new pokemon. It's very tempting to activate a Lucky Egg and then walk around trying to catch wild pokemon, but this does not gain players nearly as much XP as spending that time hatching eggs and activating evolutions.

Here's the way to maximize XP gained during the event:


1.) Load all nine egg spots with an incubator.

2.) Activate a Lucky Egg. XP stacks during the event, so players will receive four times the experience while the egg is active.

3.) Begin walking around an area that has lots of Pokestops. Swipe on every stop for the XP and to replenish the egg supply as they hatch.

4.) Continually evolve every Pokemon possible. The best strategy for this is to stockpile lots of Pokemon that only require 12 candy to evolve.

5.) Ignore wild pokemon while your Lucky Egg is active (assuming you still have pokemon left to evolve).

6.) When all the evolutions are finished or your Lucky Egg timer runs out, restock on eggs, candy, and incubators and start again. Repeat until max level!

This strategy is definitely only for the mix-maxers and players who prefer to catch wild pokemon while the Lucky Egg is active should go for it. Just be aware that the evolutions will net a lot more XP than a Perfect Throw with a Curve Ball bonus.

How are you planning to get the most XP out of the double Eggstravaganza event? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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