The Doctor Who Christmas special contains a nod to popular mobile game, Pokemon GO, getting a short mention and playing a small role in the episode’s plot.

Pokemon GO continues to be a popular game on mobile devices. The game just recently got a holiday event and saw the release of the long-awaited Apple Watch version of the app. Since the game launched in July, Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm in many ways. For a while there, it seemed like that’s all anyone was talking about. Since then, Pokemon GO has gotten nods in different media outside of the game itself.

The latest comes from the show, Doctor Who. In Doctor Who’s Christmas special, “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”, aired in the UK on BBC One on Christmas day. In the episode, the actual name Pokemon GO is not used, but it’s clear that is what is being referenced.

During the course of the show, Doctor Who needs to gain access to a computer, but there are too many people keeping him from it. So, suddenly there is surprise when people leave the area in a hurry, smartphones in hand. Doctor Who’s companion notes how empty the area is all of a sudden, to which the Doctor replies, “Yes, I created a distraction. I flooded downstairs with Pokemon.”

The hilarious use of Pokemon GO to empty out the area as people rush off to catch Pokemon echoes the craziness that occurred during the early days of Pokemon GO’s launch when people flooded areas in droves, like New York City’s Central Park when rare Pokemon appeared.

This is not the first time Pokemon GO has appeared in other mainstream media outside of the game itself. The band Maroon 5 based its entire music video for its song, “Don’t Wanna Know,” on Pokemon GO, which took a satirical look at the game, where the band’s members spend the video dressed as monsters and being chased around by crazed people to capture them with their smartphones.

While Pokemon GO might not be as popular as it was at launch, it is clearly still having an impact on, not only culture and media, but it is also drawing in some impressive numbers from those who are still playing the game on a regular basis. In addition to earning awards in 2016, it appears that Pokemon GO has become somewhat of a staple of conversation (or at least reference) even in mainstream media. It’s safe to assume that the game will continue being referenced going forward as well.

Pokemon GO is out now on mobile devices.