The Pokemon GO Gym update is now available and has proved to be a huge hit with players. But the updated feature has also given rise to a new Gym meta, and it’s one that’s making beating opponents as easy as pie.

Called “Ditto sweeping,” the new Pokemon GO Gym method revolves around the blobby character’s Transform ability. Transform allows Ditto to take on the Attack and Defense stats of the first Pokemon it faces, but with the Gym update, the ability doesn’t include the opponent’s level of Motivation.

This means that for teams that already have a low Motivation level, Ditto can easily beat them. And what’s more is that Pokemon GO still treats Ditto as though it has defeated its opponents as a Pokemon with low CP. This results in a significant decrease in Motivation for any Gym defenders and it should also grant the player with more XP as well.

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Admittedly, the strategy isn’t perfect. Although Ditto’s Transform ability lets it acquire the Attack and Defense stats of its opponent, it doesn’t give Ditto the defender’s HP, meaning that the Pokemon is still vulnerable to attacks. That XP boost and the simplicity of this method may be appealing, but if players aren’t cautious enough to dodge and avoid enemy attacks, the Pokemon could go down quite easily.

This is just one way that the Gym update is paying off for players. For example, fans are also able to get more candies from the Gyms, just for feeding their Pokemon berries. Most also seem to agree that the new and improved Gyms are far more fun than they were previously. Moreover, with developer Niantic branding cheaters, Gyms are also being seen as a lot fairer as they were before too.

The Gym update hasn’t been available for long and so over time, smart and tactical players will think of a way to counter the Ditto sweeping method. But this is all part of the fun, and Niantic will be glad to see that enthusiastic fans are spending more time with the game and coming up with new ideas to make the most of it. Which Pokemon will be part of the meta next is anyone’s guess, but it will be interesting to see how these strategies evolve over the coming days, weeks, and months.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.