Earlier this week, developer Niantic introduced a new feature for Pokemon GO Gyms. Making defending Gyms a lot easier by allowing players to feed their Pokemon berries from afar, many celebrated the feature’s arrival. Unfortunately though, the release of the update has not gone to plan.

In a tweet posted by the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, Niantic reveals that it has had to “temporarily” disable the ability to send berries to defending Pokemon through the info screen. Although the developer did not disclose how long the feature would be down for, Niantic did explain that it has done so in order to “resolve an issue.” Again, it’s unclear whether this is due to an issue with the berry-sending feature or whether the feature has inadvertently caused a problem with another part of the game.

While some are upset that Niantic has had to switch the feature off, many are wondering when they will get to experience the feature in the first place. In the replies to the tweet and elsewhere on social media, Pokemon GO players are complaining that the update hasn’t even rolled out to them yet. Most of the users complaining that they hadn’t gotten the feature yet – prior to disabling – seem to be playing the game on iOS.

As Niantic aims to make sure that every part of the Pokemon GO Gym overhaul (and any follow up changes) are in working order, some may argue that the feature’s disabling is par for the course. The changes to the Gym are brand new and Niantic wants to make sure that it delivers on fans’ hopes for a much better Gym experience. Niantic can’t offer that when bugs are throwing things out of whack every so often.

But it also has fans fear of the Pokemon GO legendary Pokemon update. Legendary Pokemon are set to arrive in the game tomorrow and may be available to millions of players by the end of the night (if they can successfully complete unlock challenges, that is.)

This latest spontaneous bug fix, combined with recent complaints of a Pokecoin bug aren’t instilling confidence in players who have been waiting for legendaries since the game launched last year. If something goes wrong with the release of the new creatures, will Niantic be forced to disable that feature too? Only time will tell.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Pokemon GO Twitter