Pokemon GO: Deoxys Can Be Beat With Two Players


Recently, Pokemon GO EX Raid passes went out, which now have the ability to be shared with a friend. This set of passes put players against the legendary Psychic-type Deoxys, and while many were expecting a challenge, some have managed to breeze through. In fact, it is rather simple for two players to take down this legendary Pokemon in an EX raid - which are notoriously difficult.

As seen below, Team Instinct players Th6EvilDead and BigSheesh managed to easily duo Deoxys without any type of glitch. These Pokemon GO players stacked teams of Bite Crunch Tyranitars, Scizors, Gengars, and Mewtwos. With the aforementioned counters, they managed to defeat Deoxys with 80 seconds to spare, making it seem like child's play.

Those who cannot manage to duo the legendary this way also have another option: the empty party trick. DrStefan87 and DARPanda, two team Mystic players, used this trick to assemble a full team of high-level Bite Crunch Tyranitars. Combined with an ultra friend boost and the Fog weather boost, these trainers managed to take down the legendary with 100 seconds remaining.

Of course, several players may not have the Pokemon, desire, or skill to take down this legendary in a duo raid. For those participating in full raids and putting together a team, we recommend checking out our full guide on countering Deoxys. While Bite Crunch Tyranitar remains at the fore, there are several viable replacements for those lacking the powerful Pokemon.

While waiting for an EX invite, however, players still have plenty to do. One big thing at the moment is the extension of the regional exclusive Pokemon hatching from 7 KM eggs. As more Pokemon GO news develops this month, be sure to check back here for the latest info. Until then, good luck with Deoxys, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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