One creative group pairs the legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough with footage of Pokemon GO, creating a glimpse of what a Pokemon nature show could be like.

Pokemon has seen its fair share of television time over the years, with the long-running anime series still airing today. However, one Pokemon GO fan has put together something a little different, creating a glimpse of what a Pokemon nature show could be like.

The video, seen below, features famous nature program broadcaster Sir David Attenborough narrating a brief look at Pokemon GO. The creator, Lovin Dublin, pieces together audio taken from Sir David Attenborough’s immense broadcasting career, and dubs over recorded Pokemon GO footage with it. As a result, Sir David Attenborough creates a serious look at the hunt of even the most common Pokemon, like Zubats and Spearows, and detailing how Charmander was once the most fearsome beast in the entire world.

There have been plenty of fun looks at Pokemon GO, including many parodies, with even The Simpsons getting in on the Pokemon GO hype with Homer Simpson trying to play the game. However, this may be the first time that someone’s tried to give the game a noble and dignified standing. It’s particularly amusing since most players have experienced frustration when faced with finding the same low-level Pokemon they’ve already caught, especially when trying to reach higher levels in Pokemon GO. The video manages to give even the most common Pokemon a more majestic appearance that most players probably haven’t considered.

There’s no argument that Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. Although Nintendo has now seen its shares fall, Pokemon GO‘s release initially caused Nintendo’s shares to skyrocket, and it swiftly climbed to the top of the app charts. Though the creators of Pokemon GO have stated that their focus for now is delivering Pokemon GO to all regions rather than releasing new features, it doesn’t seem to be stopping gamers from spending hours playing the game and creating amusing tributes like this one.

It’s unlikely that Sir David Attenborough will ever actually narrate a Pokemon GO clip himself – there’s no telling if he even knows anything about the game – but that hasn’t stopped other famous people from getting in on the game. The game has been discussed and parodied on shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and even Justin Bieber is trying to catch ’em all. With the game still in its infancy, chances are more fun tributes to the mobile title that’s taken the world by storm will continue to surface in the weeks and months to come.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select areas.

Source: Lovin Dublin