As Pokemon GO continues to get people socializing, a new dating service called PokéDates launches, looking to pair up players who are looking for love.

Released earlier this month, augmented reality app Pokemon GO has proved so popular that is already changing the ways in which people socialize. The free to play title, which sees players head out into the real-world in order to catch Pokemon, is seeing people make new friends and connections with Game Rant previously writing that Pokemon GO breaks the ‘solitary experience’ of being a gamer. In fact, the game is that effective at getting people out onto the streets that a rare Pokemon appearance led to a stampede in New York City’s Central Park.

This impact on people’s social lives is now set to go one step further thanks to the help of a Pokemon GO dating service called PokéDates. Those who aren’t just interest in making friends thanks to the game – and are perhaps looking for love – can tell the PokéDates team information about themselves and what they’re looking for in a ‘PokeMate,’ share their schedule and then they’ll get an email confirming the time and place of the meet up along with a few details about their match.

According to the company behind PokéDates, Project Fixup, users’ first PokéDate match is free of charge (though participants take care of the cost of the meet up itself). The How It Works page for the company’s non-Pokemon GO related meet up service seems to suggest that following dates will cost $20 (minimum) and users will only be charged if the meet up is confirmed by both parties. Moreover, Project Fixup notes that it is open to members of the LGBTQ community and caters to people of all races, gender identities and ages, though presumably users must be 18 or over (as is the case with many other dating services).

pokemon go trading

The fact that another company is looking to capitalize on Pokemon GO’s success is unsurprising – especially a dating a company – as Pokemon GO is more popular than dating app Tinder. It has also been confirmed that Pokemon GO in Japan will be sponsored by McDonald’s, with the fast food restaurant chain converting over 3,000 of its eateries into Pokemon Gyms, something which is set to get plenty of users flocking through the door (whether they also choose to buy hamburgers and French fries or not).

The big question moving forward, however, is whether this commercial piggybacking will turn some users off playing the game. The allure of catching Pokemon in the real world is unlikely to drop off completely any time soon but in the long-run, the attempts to make money from the game’s success could see Pokemon GO’s sheen dim.

Source: PokéDates