Pokemon GO Daily Users Drop by 80%


Despite releasing as a worldwide phenomenon last year, Niantic's mobile title, Pokemon GO, seems to have taken quite a huge hit in terms of its player count, as the number of the game's daily users has dropped by roughly 80%. More specifically, the number of consistent daily users in Pokemon GO has plummeted from its peak count of 28.5 million users back in July 2016 and down to a plateau of 5 million since the end of last year.

As seen in the image below courtesy of the American global media measurement and analytics company comScore, the research firm's data indicates that ever since Pokemon GO reached its highest figures ever for its daily user count a little after July 6, 2016–that is, the game's launch date–it has had a continual decline until leveling out around October 23, 2016. Nevertheless, the game saw several spikes in unique user traffic since October 2016, which were most likely due to offerings such the game's Halloween event, but the title has failed to even come close to its peak figures since the fall of last year.


At its outset, Pokemon GO became a juggernaut of a title, ousting such long-time favorites as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans to become the biggest mobile game, as it earned $200 million in revenue worldwide in its first month of release alone. Also, even though the game's daily user base has dropped, the title's popularity still remains ever-present among those who still play it regularly, as it recently became the top ranked app on the Apple App Store in the United States yet again after its Generation 2 update.

One of many reasons as to why Pokemon GO's daily user count has dwindled since its launch could be due to the fact that most of Niantic's updates for the title have failed to give players what they want, such as a desired trading feature allowing Trainers to swap Pokemon with other fans around the globe, with the feature instead set to shaft players who live in less populated or rural areas by only allowing trading with users nearby. Not to mention, there have been fans asserting that the latest update from a week ago broke the game, as players have reported inconsistent connections, problems with Gym battles, and issues with logging in, too.

While it's highly unlikely that Pokemon GO will ever reach or surpass its peak popularity in terms of daily unique users, Niantic still plans on supporting the title so as to keep those playing on a regular basis engaged with the game. As it happens, the developer has three major updates in the works for 2017, and also plans to incorporate Legendary Monsters. For the sake of Pokemon GO's developers and its fans, though, one can only hope for these new updates come sooner rather than later.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: comScore

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