Pokemon GO Curveball Bug Acknowledged by Niantic

pokemon go curveball bug

Developer Niantic has acknowledged a new bug with Pokemon GO that affects curved Pokeball throws, more commonly called curveballs, while trying to catch Pokemon. At present, the developer has only cited that it is aware and investigating the bug and there is no timeline for a fix.

As the name implies, Pokemon GO’s curveball bug can occur any time a player throws a curveball at a wild Pokemon. Under normal circumstances, a catch after a curveball will award a bonus of 10 XP, but not when the bug triggers.

It might not seem like much, but missing out on any amount of XP, especially when using a Lucky Egg for Double XP gains, is sure to be disappointing. The good news is that the curveball bug is not an across-the-board bug, but only triggers in certain situations. What exactly those situations are is currently unclear, but the fan base is trying to find out to help fix the issue sooner.

We are aware of certain situations where the Curveball bonus is not correctly applied. We are investigating root causes.

This isn’t the first time that a curveball bug has affected Pokemon GO and it is unlikely to be the last. For some reason Niantic seems to have trouble when it comes to Pokeball throws, whether it be the curveball or the last premier ball thrown at a Raid boss. But where the last ball bug was concerned, Niantic simply gave all players an extra Premier Ball in their Raid; they can’t do that for the curveball bug, though.


Although we mentioned that the extra 10 XP could be useful, most players aren’t too worried about the curveball bug. Since it doesn’t affect the actual curveball being thrown – i.e. players can still throw a curveball, they just don’t get the XP – the issue isn’t as big as some others that have appeared recently. Curveballs are still the recommended throwing method when it comes to catching Pokemon, because for some reason the pocket monsters seem more agreeable to that approach versus the straight throw.

Nevertheless, Niantic should hopefully fix the bug sooner rather than later, as missed XP is never a good problem to have. It also doesn’t help that the developer just recently added three new Legendary Pokemon to the Raid rotation, which means players are slightly more active than they were a few weeks ago. More people playing mean more people to see the bug, and visibility of bugs is never a good thing.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android devices.

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