This list calls out Pokemon currently available in Pokemon GO that will receive an evolution when future generations of the monsters are added to the mobile game.

With the release of 80 new monsters last week, Pokemon GO players have a whole new section of the Pokedex to populate. All of those Pokemon can be found in the wild, but many are very rare and hard to find. Veteran Pokemon GO players are aware that it’s often much easier to evolve into a rare form, rather than waiting around to run into one in the wild. That’s going to be an important mechanic to keep in mind when preparing for future generations to arrive.

Fans who have played the original Pokemon games are likely aware that sometimes a Pokemon from a previous generation receives a new evolution in a later generation. Eevee is a great example of this, but is far from the only one. For Pokemon GO players, this means that sometimes it makes sense to not transfer all copies of a Pokemon, even if you already have enough of them and their current evolutions. Hanging on to the candy and a couple of high CP Pokemon will put players at an advantage when the future evolutions are eventually released.

Players who held on to a a couple hundred Eevee candy and a few extra powerful copies of the normal type were ready to evolve into Umbreon and Espeon right away as soon as last week’s patch dropped. To prepare for that kind of event in the future, we’ve prepared a list of all of the currently available Pokemon GO creatures that will receive future evolutions in later patches. Have a look and save your candy accordingly going forward…


Note: This list does not contain the Aloha evolutions of gen 1 Pokemon

Rhydon – Rhyperior
Lickitung – Lickilicky
Tangela – Tangrowth
Electabuzz – Electivire
Magmar – Magmortar
Eevee – Glaceon, Leafeon, Sylveon
Porygon2- Porygon Z
Togetic – Togekiss
Magneton- Magnezone
Aipom – Ambipom
Yanma – Yanmega
Sneasal – Weavile
Murkrow – Honchkrow
Misdreavus – Mismagius
Gligar – Gliscor
Piloswine – Mamoswine

This information will be useful to any player who wants to complete their Pokedex in a hurry or has a later generation favorite who they can’t wait to take to their local gym. It took about half a year for first major Pokemon GO addition to arrive, so there is no rush on getting the above list prepared. Niantic will likely wait at least that long again until releasing the next 80 or so additional monsters to the mobile AR game.

Although the arrival of new Pokemon is exciting, many players would rather see Niantic concentrate on releasing trading and PvP battles. The developer promises that these two features are still in the works, but there in no estimated release date for either. Some old trading code was removed from the game’s APK with the latest patch, but that doesn’t mean that swapping Pokemon isn’t still in the near future for the game. Niantic seems to have brought many players back with the new additions, so hopefully the company can keep it up and add some engaging gameplay to keep the user base active and happy.

Which Pokemon will you be saving for future evolutions? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.