Pokemon GO’s Ultra Bonus rewards have a ton of great value for trainers to take advantage of in the coming weeks. In addition to increased Kanto spawns and region exclusives appearing in 7km eggs, there will also be another chance to battle the Legendary bird trio and Mewtwo in upcoming Raids.

That’s a lot of different strengths and weaknesses to keep track of, but luckily the Pokemon GO community has delivered yet again with a simple and easy to read visual guide to make the raiding experience go as smoothly as possible. For players who haven’t memorized every matchup or saved battle parties for all four creatures, this is the perfect cheat sheet.

Here’s a look at the guide…


It should come as no surprise that Tyranitar will be in heavy rotation during this raiding window. He’s a for every one of these fights and hopefully players evolved and powered up a strong roster of them during the recent Larvitar Community Day.

Even if players don’t have a strong party of Ttars, there are still plenty of other strong options for most of these raids. Keep the guide handy throughout the rest of September, so that you’re ready as each Raid boss returns for another fight.

Check back for more updates and guides in the coming days. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road