It’s been four months since Niantic rolled out the Pokemon GO Gym update and yet fans are still coming up with new strategies to make the most of the gameplay feature. The latest strategy that players have put together proves that teamwork truly does make the dream work.

This new Pokemon GO strategy allows players to defeat a group of Gym defenders in just 12 minutes, decaying the motivation from full to zero with no delay. The tactic is built on the 2/9 HP strategy, whereby players whittle a defending Pokemon’s HP to just two-ninths of its full HP.

To pull it off successfully, a team of five players must go into battle one, attacking the defender until it reaches its 2/9 threshold. At this point, one team member stays behind and continues attacking until the defender can be beaten in with a single charge move. At the single charge threshold, the attacker will stop and wait.

The art of synchronization : an ultimate teamwork strategy that can conquer ANY gym in 12 mins from TheSilphRoad

While this remaining team member is still attacking until the charge move threshold, the other players leave battle one and will enter battle two, attacking the defender until the 2/9 threshold. Once the 2/9 threshold is reached, one member will again need to stay behind until a single charge mode is needed. As they are attacking, the other team members will repeat the process in battle three.

With all three battles at the charge move stage, players in all three of the battles must use their charge moves. This means that the defender will get three defeats at once, kicking them out of the Gym. Players have to complete the entire process in 99 seconds or less so that the first battle doesn’t time out. The original poster of the method recommends allocating two minutes (at most) for the first defender, with the rest of the Gym defender team needing to be defeated in 10 minutes or less. As such, the strategy can be completed in 12 minutes.

Niantic had introduced a new feature to make defending Gyms much easier, as players would be able to feed their Pokemon (and restore their motivation) without visiting the Gym itself. But the genius of this strategy is that it leaves Gym defenders with no time for them to use berries, making the attack indefensible.

The strategy isn’t totally simple to pull off as it requires incredible coordination and a five-member team for the best chance of success (it works with smaller teams but it is a lot harder). Gym defenders may not need to fret too much then, but they should still be prepared.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS.

Source: Reddit