Pokemon GO: These Pokemon Need A Community Day Event


Pokemon GO has only hosted two Community Day events so far, but both seem to have been incredible successes. Parks around the world filled up with players to hunt down Pikachu in January and then Dratini in February and it seems very likely that there will be similar results for future monthly events.

March's Pokemon GO Community Day will put the spotlight on Bulbasaur, but many players are already starting to speculate about who else will be featured in the months to come. The prospect of Bulbasaur being followed by the other two gen-1 starters is a little disappointing, so the community is hoping that Niantic gets a little more creative than that.

There are plenty of great options for Community Day that would be exciting to catch and wouldn't mess with the meta game too much. The best choices would have exciting shiny versions, be useful in battle, and have evolutions that are hard to earn, but pay off big time in gyms. With all of those considerations in mind, here are the Pokemon we would be most excited to hunt down in future Community Day events...

4 Larvitar

Pokemon GO Opens Raid Battles to Almost All Players - Tyranitar

For the first few months of Battle Raids, a high-powered Tyranitar was the key to success. That may not always be a sure thing at this point, depending on the match up, but a 90+% Tyranitar will almost always be a welcome member of any raid party that has a spot to fill. Larvitars are rare enough in most regions that a chance to stock up on the little guy would bring out tons of players. Ttars aren't as rare as Dragonites, since it had the chance to be a level four Battle Raid boss, but the Pokemon is still special enough that it would draw a big crowd on Community Day.

3 Geodude

Speaking of the early era of Legendary Battle Raids, everyone will remember just how important it was to have a roster of high-IV Golems. Geodudes can be stockpiled if you're lucky enough to find a nest, but the Pokemon's final evolution is still powerful enough in Battle Raids that it would be a great candidate for a Community Day theme.

2 Magikarp


Perhaps the most difficult Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon GO so far has been Magikarp. This did get a little easier when the fish became a level 1 Battle Raid boss, but stocking up 400 candy is still a serious challenge. In addition to the challenge that usually comes along with evolving the little water-type, Magikarp's shiny variant is one of the most sought after in the game. The shiny Gyarados is one of the coolest sights to see on top of a team gym and offering more players, who aren't usually near the water, a chance to catch the shiny Magikarp variant is guaranteed to draw a Community Day crowd.

Regional Exclusives

Ever over a year after the game launched, regional exclusives are still one of its most controversial figures. Niantic has implemented a few roaming regional events at this point, but they have been few and far between. Without thousands of dollars to travel the world, it is currently impossible to really complete a Pokedex. One easy solution to this is to add regional monsters into the Community Day rotation. This would be a huge crowd pleaser and and any easy win for the company.

1 Unown

Pokemon GO legendary clues Unown

The final recommendation for Community Day is the most obvious and probably the most exciting. Unown is very difficult to catch, which means many players are still trying to hunt down their first one, but its variety of forms also make it a great choice for Community Day. This would give players the opportunity to catch many of the creature's variations, which would be a major selling point for the completionists out there.

Are there any other Pokemon that you think deserve their own Community Day event? Let us know!

Until next time, good luck out there, trainers.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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