Pokemon GO: Colossal Discovery Special Research - Was It Worth It?

Pokemon GO Regigigas release

Pokemon GO's Regi-trio weekend brought a ton of players out of the woodwork and part of the event's major success, despite cold weather in some regions, was the Colossal Discovery aspect of the activities. Niantic tried something a little different this time around and included a second component to the event that could only be accessed by players who purchased a ticket (roughly $8) with real world money.

Game Rant had a chance to play through the Pokemon GO event this weekend after cashing in a Colossal Discovery ticket and heading into the mobile AR world to track down Steel, Ice, and Rock types, battle in Legendary Raids, and eventually unlock an encounter with Regigigas. So, was it worth it?

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When Pokemon GO first announced that paid component to the Colossal Discovery Special Research story line, a lot of the community had a negative backlash. What's interesting about the actual experience though, is that nearly everything about the weekend event could be experienced without the ticket, aside from some extra XP and encounter rewards. The Regi-trio raiding event was available to everyone and many of the players we raided with were out and about and not necessarily also working through the Colossal Discovery research. The combo of the two ongoing activities made for a nice break from hunting down the best Unova region pokemon for a few days.

Legendary titans Pokemon GO

A Season Pass Approach

By the end of the event, it sort of made sense to think of the Colossal Discovery ticket as the Pokemon GO equivalent to a Season Pass in a game like Fortnite or the Mastery Pass in Magic Arena. Paying the price gives the player an additional reward track that isn't available to everyone else. All players can participate in the same gameplay, but players who spent some money are going to be eligible for additional rewards on top of what the Legendary Raids usually have to offer.

Is It Worth It?

In terms of value, the Colossal Discovery pass was easily worth the price tag for players who plan to take part in up to ten Battle Raids over the weekend. It would be nice if the ticket simply handed over 10 Premium Raid Passes, but unfortunately that's not the case. The passes come one at a time and players can gain up to ten. That means the value is really only there for players who are raiding a lot during the weekend and event and those passes can't be stored up and saved for later activities. Players who had saved up enough coins to purchase Raid Passes with in-game currency and don't mind waiting a bit longer for the Regigigas Pokedex entry would obviously have less incentive to drop a few dollars on the ticket.

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The In-Game Rewards

Pokemon GO: How To Unlock A Colossal Discovery Special Research

In terms of the in-game rewards for participating in the Colossal Discovery storyline, things were pretty exciting. On top of some solid experience and useful items, the Colossal Discovery research tasks and rewards also unlocked some encounters with powerful rock-, ice-, and steel-types. The final encounter with Regigigas is obviously the main motivation to work through the event, but picking up another high IV Tyranitar, Abomasnow, and Steelix was pretty exciting, as well.

A Special Occasion

One of the most interesting questions coming out of this event is how soon will it be until Niantic does something like this again? As a once a season special occasion this seems like a very fair price and fun incentive, but players might feel different if paid only Special Research story lines start to arrive on a monthly basis. Hopefully Niantic keeps these sort of events spaced out and doesn't roll out too many in a row.

Be sure to check back for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates in the near future. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions. Game Rant received a free Colossal Ticket Special Research ticket this weekend.

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