Pokemon GO has been both a source of community inspiration and the foundation for some really dumb ideas, and one gamer’s use of autopilot definitely falls into the latter.

Pokemon GO has been one of the most talked about titles in the history of video games, and it has only been available in select regions for a month so far. Niantic’s mobile title has quickly become a worldwide craze on par with the original release of the Pokemon series, and Pokemon GO has been downloaded 75 million times already, shattering mobile app records in the process. That popularity has made the game nearly impossible to ignore, and even if gamers tried, the stories that emerge from different people’s Pokemon GO experiences are so compelling that it’s hard to avoid for too long.

The latest bizarre Pokemon GO story to surface features YouTuber Gary Zhou using his Tesla car’s autopilot mode to catch Pokemon while traveling to his preferred destination. While the fact that the Tesla is only semi-autonomous makes the story unsettling already, Zhou’s video, which has since been taken down, also features the aspiring trainer cruising down the I-95 highway near Washington D.C. Zhou even offered some insights into the Tesla’s Pokemon GO compatibility in quotes that were preserved by hybridcars.com:

“In essence Autopilot works pretty much 100-percent…minus of course lane changes and things like that, and again, it’s fantastic for catching Pokemon on the go.”

Cringe-worthy puns aside, Zhou’s decision to pull down the video is likely a concession that he has reconsidered advertising the dangerous practice of distracted driving – after all, lane changes are kind of a big part of the driving experience, and most Pokemon GO players really didn’t need that hundredth Oddish. If nothing else, Zhou’s brief Internet fame should encourage Niantic to get Pokemon GO Plus Watches, which allow players to play the game without having it open on their phones, onto shelves as quickly as possible.

Of course, using a car’s semi-autonomous autopilot down a busy highway isn’t the most dangerous thing that Pokemon GO players have experienced – it’s not even the most life-threatening event that occurred this week. A Pokemon GO late-night shootout occurred only a day ago when a group of Las Vegas players were held up at gunpoint before a player drew his own weapon to protect himself, resulting in non-fatal injuries to both parties.

pokemon go tesla car

While it likely goes without saying, Pokemon GO is a game that demands a lot of attention from its players and should thus be treated carefully when in situations as dangerous as driving on a highway. A Pokemon GO player already hit the game’s level cap, so it’s not like there’s a rush to the end of the finish line.

What do you think about Zhou’s video and his endorsement for playing Pokemon GO while driving on autopilot? Do you think there will be more incidents like this in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Source: YouTube (via Jalopnik)