Pokemon GO Update Arrives With Catch Bonuses and Gym Training Changes

Niantic announces a new update for Pokemon GO that makes changes to gym training, decreases evolution animation time, adds catch bonuses, and tweaks egg incubation.

Pokemon GO may not be the worldwide phenomenon it was last summer, but it's still pulling in $2 million every day, meaning that there's quite a few dedicated players trying to catch 'em all. In an effort to keep these dedicated players engaged with Pokemon GO, and maybe to convince lapsed players to return to the game, Niantic releases updates for it on a regular basis, with the latest update rolling out to Pokemon trainers on both iOS and Android devices today.

The new update for Pokemon GO brings with it a host of changes to the game. It fixes some audio issues, squashes a few lingering bugs, and decreases the time it takes to watch the Pokemon evolution animation. Besides these minor tweaks, the new update also makes three bigger changes to Pokemon GO that will hopefully change the game for the better.

First of all, catch bonuses are being introduced. Similarly to how combos work in other games, if players continuously catch a specific Pokemon type in a row, then they will earn bonus XP. This may make it worth it to start catching the endless supply of wild Rattatas and Pidgeys that overwhelm the streets in most neighborhoods.

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Secondly, the update is also making a change to gym training. The changes to gym battles were confirmed by Niantic last week, and will make it so players can take six Pokemon into battle against friendly gyms. This will allow people to level up gyms faster, making it easier to gain and hold territory for their Pokemon GO faction of choice.

Finally, the last major change coming to Pokemon GO in the update rolling out today is in regards to egg incubation. Before the new update, to see the exact distance walked while incubating an egg, players had to close out of the screen and reopen it. Now checking on egg incubation distance will be less annoying, as it will periodically update the distance itself while players are playing the game.

Overall, this update should be welcomed by Pokemon GO fans. While it doesn't make too drastic of changes, the changes it does make seem to be designed to make Pokemon GO a smoother experience in general. Having said that, some fans may becoming impatient for more significant updates like Pokemon trading and player-versus-player battling to be added to the game, so hopefully Niantic has news to share about that content sooner rather than later.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Source: Pokemon GO Live

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