The latest Pokemon GO update contains several bugs that makes it much more difficult to throw pokeballs accurately, as well as increasing the likelihood that pokemon will escape.

Recently, an independent mobile application monitoring website reported that Pokemon GO has made $160 million in revenue since its release earlier this year and is on track to make $200 million around August. Pokemon GO’s developer, Niantic, is undoubtedly happy with this news, but a recent bug in the augmented reality game has forced the company to improve public relations.

The bug’s existence was confirmed in a tweet from the game’s official twitter account, which stated “trainers, a new bug affecting throw accuracy increases the odds of escape and omits the XP bonus. We are working on a fix, stay tuned…” The bug reportedly increases player’s difficulty in accurately throwing pokeballs.

The most recent update of Pokemon GO causes pokeballs to curve more than they did previously. Not only is the accuracy reduced, the bug also apparently makes it much more likely that a captured Pokemon will be able to break free from its pokeball.

As if these problems with the aiming and capture system weren’t bad enough, Niantic has also reported that the bug is denying experience points to players that have caught Pokemon since the updates release. This isn’t the first reports of Pokemon GO bugs, earlier this week players reported that some Pokemon would randomly change species after being captured.


Niantic has been putting out PR fires all week, from the addition of numerous bugs to the company’s decision to remove the game’s pokemon tracker, as well as their shutting down of third-party sites such as Pokevision. These complaints have been coupled with a number of players who recently began asking for refunds for Pokemon GO, due to the removal of the tracker as well as the removal of the game’s low power mode, which was removed due to it causing numerous crashes and other problems.

Niantic is hard at work correcting these various grievances, but they have yet to give an exact time frame of when all of these issues will be cleared up. Until a more definite time frame is given poketrainers can read up on the Pokemon GO guides, so they’re ready to catch ‘em all when the game is fixed.

Can Niantic win back it’s customers after so many bugs and PR disasters?

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Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices in select areas.

Source: Polygon