It’s already been a busy summer for Niantic and its popular mobile game, Pokemon Go. While the portable pocket monster game is quickly approaching its live event out in Chicago, a recent update added a new feature called raids and also completely overhauled how players capture gyms. Unfortunately for some players, a serious bug has appeared after the update and threatens to negatively impact the experience for all users.

According to Pokemon Go Reddit user LimboMon, this rare bug can strike when adding a Pokemon to a gym, resulting in either an error appearing or a situation where the added Pokemon does not occupy the gym at all. All the steps for defending a gym go through, except for the part where other players can defeat that Pokemon and the defending player earns Pokecoins.

Oddly enough, the Pokemon is still considered a defender even though it is not actually defending the gym, which means the player can’t use it for any other activities. To make matters worse, since the Pokemon can’t be defeated it has no way of returning to the player. In essence, the Pokemon is stuck in a gym that doesn’t exist and the player is out one of its top CP Pokemon.

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As of right now, there’s no way to fix the glitched Pokemon or use some sort of workaround to stop the problem from happening. Thankfully, the detailed post on Reddit has caught the attention of Niantic, who responded to the thread and confirmed that the team is currently looking into the matter. No additional details or a potential time frame for a fix was given, however.

While Niantic continues to fix bugs affecting the title, the development studio has also been teasing fans about a potential anniversary event to go along with its planned Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, Illinois. The most recent update contained an interesting line of code called one_year_anniversary that Reddit dataminers came across and sent fans speculating. While no one knows what this actually means, many assume that the update also paves the way for Niantic to add something special to celebrate the anniversary.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit