Pokemon GO: Buddy Update Launches After Delays


After much anticipation, Niantic finally releases the hotly anticipated Buddy update for Pokemon GO, allowing fans to take their Pokemon for walks to earn candies.

After a delay, and despite some obtaining the next big update for Pokemon GO prior to its official release, developer Niantic has finally deemed the much talked about Buddy update ready for mass consumption. As of this writing, the patch is being rolled out across all currently available platforms, meaning that those reading this can likely put down the very article they're currently reading and begin downloading the mobile game enhancement at this moment.

While this is a big gain for many Pokemon GO aficionados, the update also brings with it several other improvements. Most prominently, it adds support for the long awaited (and very delayed) Pokemon GO Plus watch accessory that allows fans to capture Pocket Monsters without pulling out their phones. Additionally, the update has made it easier for players to tap smaller nearby monsters on their mobile device's screen – amongst a handful of other minor bug fixes.


Setting those wonderful additions aside, there's little question that the Buddy feature is the bread and butter of this download. For those not in the know, the aforementioned Buddy system allows users to pick a captured creature that they'd like to take for a walk. Only one can be selected at a time, but doing so allows players to gain candies for the selected beast (and its resulting evolutionary line, if applicable) based on how far they walk. The end result enables gamers to provide their Pokemon friend with some much needed power boosts, or even an evolution.

A number of wannabe Pokemon Masters have already mapped out how many kilometres need to be walked in order to secure candies from every type of creature currently found in the game, which is incredibly handy considering that the feature has only just officially begun rolling out. With that said, and despite the fact that paid player participation in Pokemon GO is down 79% from its peak, it's great to see that Niantic is keen on keeping fans happy with new content.

Now, just what could the studio be planning on adding next? Only time (and data miners) will tell.

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