Pokemon GO players can hunt down just about any available Pokemon in the game in their own hometown if they play often enough. A few exceptions to that rule are the limited region exclusive Pokemon, who all require some traveling. Each continent has a special Pokemon that can only be caught there and players who want to truly catch ’em all need to get a passport and start traveling. The Europe exclusive is the bizarre Mr. Mime and some Pokemon GO players have recently questioned whether the Brexit decision could change that monster’s availability in the UK.

The question sounds like a joke, but it seems like some players were legitimately concerned about the possibility of losing Mr. Mime in the UK. Rest assured that the UK is only leaving the European Union, not actually leaving the European continent (that would be a little more difficult). Therefore, Mr. Mime won’t be going anywhere.

Here’s a look at the answer to the frequently asked question from the Pokemon GO Wiki entry

pokemon-go-brexit-mr-mime copy

The question may seem silly, but many gamers outside of the UK who don’t follow world politics may have seriously been confused about what the change is and what it means for their favorite mobile game. The regional exclusive Pokemon┬ádidn’t change at all until the release of Gen 2, when Heracross and Corsola were added to the game. That makes the total number of suspected region locked Pokemon six, so completing the Pokedex would require quite a few very expensive plane tickets.

A few players have already managed to pull off the daunting task, but to be honest, we’re not even close. Hopefully, someday soon trading will be added to the game and that will allow players to acquire many of the missing monsters from their own collections.

Have you managed to catch any region exclusive monsters from outside of your home territory yet? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is currently available on Android and iOS devices in select regions.

Source: Reddit