Battling has changed drastically with the rollout of the Gen 2 update in Pokemon GO, and it appears that there is a new overpowered Pokemon dominating gyms everywhere.

It’s official – if there was ever any doubt, Pokemon GO has once again proven that it is the most relevant and influential mobile game in the world. Just hours after Pokemon GO updated to include over 80 new Pokemon, Niantic’s mobile killer app has rocketed back to the forefront of gaming discussions everywhere. Suddenly, how to evolve an Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon on Pokemon GO has become the chief concern of millions of gamers everywhere, and it appears that the trainer craze is beginning all over again.

While Pokemon GO has remained a heavily played game after its release, it really does feel like the arrival of Gen 2 Pokemon has breathed new life into an app that was still generating millions of dollars every month at the end of 2016. Unfortunately, however, the new update, which also nerfed the competitive dominance of a few Pokemon like Lapras, has seen the introduction of a brand new monster that is slowly becoming ubiquitous with high-level gyms – and it is a pink and white blob of happiness with tiny little angel wings.

That’s right: Blissey, the evolution of Chansey from the Gen 2 Pokemon update, is terrorizing the gyms of trainers everywhere. Blissey’s role in Pokemon GO is similar to its role in the series’ main entries, as Blissey is essentially a tank that can soak up loads of damage before fainting. In Pokemon GO, however, that means Blissey can be placed in a gym to defend it, and players are more likely to run out of time on the gym battle timer than actually beat a Blissey in battle.

Blissey’s incredible stamina and HP attributes has already cemented its spot as a tier one competitive staple, but many gamers are now debating whether or not Blissey is downright broken in the Pokemon GO metagame. A report from Kotaku provided visual evidence, reported by trainers, of how quickly Blissey is taking over gyms everywhere. If Pokemon GO fans thought the sight of Vaporeon and Lapras in gyms was tiresome, it appears they will be yearning for those days gone by sooner rather than later.

pokemon nurse joys blissey

Still, the newest update was only rolled out yesterday, and if there’s anything that Niantic has proven since Pokemon GO‘s release, it’s that the developer is willing to make adjustments on the fly when they need to be made. Of course, Niantic also has a reputation for being rather slow to roll out those changes – even if Blissey turns out to be completely broken as a competitive Pokemon, Pokemon GO players might want to brace themselves for a long few months of seeing Blissey’s smiling face perched atop gyms the world over.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.