Just how long do gamers have to wait until Pokemon GO becomes a worldwide phenomenon? A message from the game’s beta suggests Pokemon GO will release sooner rather than later.

The announcement of Pokemon GO just over 9 months ago almost seemed too good to be true at the time. Gamers have dreamed of Pokemon as an augmented reality game since Nintendo’s collectible critter franchise first debuted worldwide 20 years ago, and the announcement arrived unexpectedly and without any prior indication it was in development at all. Understandably, then, since Pokemon GO was first introduced to the gaming world by Niantic, fans worldwide have attempted to be some of the select few who have gotten to beta test Pokemon GO in the field.

Not everyone was lucky enough to get in on the testing, but those who were have reported back a game that fulfills a lot of childhood dreams and expectations for Pokemon as a AR title. For the rest of the gaming world, however, the wait to take up the mantle of Pokemon trainer and participate in Pokemon GO‘s PvP gyms might not be as long as people previously believed, according to a recent message from the Pokemon GO field tests:

pokemon go beta message

The image above indicates that the trial and error testing period for Pokemon GO has ended in some regions and will likely end globally soon, a revelation that is sure to incite some sad responses from beta testers who were unable to sink as much time as they would have liked into Pokemon GO‘s engrossing gameplay. The notion that Pokemon GO “will be back soon”, however, is cause for celebration – after such a large field test, it’s unlikely Niantic would revisit a Pokemon GO release for anything except the game’s full launch.

A release in the near future makes a lot of sense, too. Niantic, Game Freak, and Nintendo came together for a Pokemon GO Q&A at E3 2016 that announced the existence of Pokemon GO+, a wearable device that makes the game playable without gamers needing to look down at their phone at all. The device also has ties to Pokemon Sun and Moon, and releases in late July – an odd specification for a device entirely dependent on a game that has no official release date yet.

It would be pretty illogical for the add-on to release before the application, so while it isn’t a confirmation, the Pokemon GO+ device and the beta message seems like enough evidence to suggest that Pokemon GO is gearing up for a release in the next month or so. Aspiring Pokemon trainers appear to have been put on notice – gamers only have a little bit more time before they need to start finding and capturing a worthy Pokemon GO team.

What do you think about the Pokemon GO message? Are we reading too much into it, or is it basically a confirmation that the game is coming in the next few weeks to a month? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit