Pokemon GO: Who Are The Best Gen 5 Pokemon Based On Movesets?

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The initial wave of Pokemon GO Gen 5 launches tomorrow and players around the world are getting ready for the Unova region creatures to take over the game. Although there isn't the usual pre-launch task of stocking up on specific Candy to get ahead on evolutions, there is still lots of homework to do before the new generation actual arrives. Now that all the move sets have been datamined, it's time to figure out which creatures will own the future Pokemon GO metagame.

Pokemon GO will slowly roll out all of the Gen V Pokemon, but it's not too early to start planning optimal battle rosters and movesets for when the heavy hitters arrive. Now that the possible moves are in the game's code, it is a lot easier to figure out which Pokemon are going to be the strongest over the next year or so of the mobile game's PvE scene.

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Obviously the bulk of the Gen 5 power is going to come from some of the new Legendary creatures, which will be slow to get a hold of. That said, there are still some impressive Pokemon outside of that stable, as well. Keep in mind that this list is based off of the move sets that have been datamined and available moves could potentially change before some of these Pokemon actually arrive in the game. The list is also only concerned with PvE performance. PvP rankings will shake out slightly differently, based on League.

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8 Kyurem (Black)

Pokemon GO Kyurem

Look out Ray, there's a new Dragon-type boss in town. Kyurem (Black) equipped with Dragon Tail/Outrage/Blizzard offers a ton of potential for damage and is bulky enough to stick around through most of a fight. In addition to taking over the Dragon-type rankings, the potential to TM into Blizzard also gives it a huge boost in the Ice-type meta and will help it overtake Mamoswine.

7 Landorus (Therian)

Mud Shot and Earth Power equipped on this beast are going to be enough to finally dethrone Groudon as the ultimate Ground-type Pokemon. This is great news for players, since the currently available Ground-type options are very limited. Allowing players to get some variety and move away from Groudon should help switch up the metagame in a healthy way.

6 Volcarona

This is an interesting one. In terms of stats, Volcarona is technically the best Bug-type attacker in the game now, but the Bug Bite/Bug Buzz moveset is fairly weak. On the other hand, Fire Spin/Overheat is a enough to put Volcarona on par with Moltres in the Fire-type attacker rankings.

5 Conkeldurr

Counter/Dynamic Punch is what all the analysts predicted and it turns out they were correct. With that powerful moveset, Conkeldurr will be moving the Machamp armies to the second string in the very near future. Without a doubt, Conkeldurr will be the best Fighting-type attacker when it becomes available.

4 Reshiram

Reshiram won't be making much of a splash in the Dragon-type attacker category, but it will be totally destroying the Fire-type metagame. Equipped with Fire Fang/Overheat Reshiram is the new best Fire-type attacker in the game... Once it's available, that is.

3 Zekrom

Much like Reshiram, Zekrom will not be making any noise in the Dragon-type category, but that doesn't mean it's a loser. Instead, Zekrom with Charge Beam/Wild Charge is going to become the best Electric-type attacker in the game. This is great news for players who are looking to switch things up after two full years of Raikou armies.

2 Chandelure

When it comes to Ghost-type attackers, there is still nothing that can dethrone Giratina, but Chandelure is well worth investing in for a second string choice. When equipped with Hex/Shadow Bolt, this Pokemon can do some serious damage and make its way up to the number two spot on the Ghost-type attacker rankings.

1 Terrakion

It's hard to believe it, but Tyranitar is actually being bumped down to number three on the Rock-type rankings. Rampardos is still going to hold the number one position, but Terrakion equipped with Smack Down/Rock Slide is going to be a really heavy hitter and steal the number two spot.

Be sure to check back for more Pokemon GO news, updates, and strategy guides in the coming days. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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