It’s been a little over a week since Legendary Pokemon were added to the popular mobile game, Pokemon GO. While fans have already had ample opportunity to catch new Legendary Pokemon like Articuno and Lugia, the team at Niantic has finally added the next mythical bird to the cast. Eager trainers have from now until August 7 to try and catch this fire bird as Team Instinct’s mascot, Zapdos, then takes over.

The Fire/Flying type Moltres proves to be another powerful opponent in the Pokemon GO world, coming in a little over 3000 CP and sporting dangerous moves such as Overheat and Fire Blast. Players should have a strategy going in as well as natural counters to its type, including any rock, water, and electric type of Pokemon.

According to Reddit though, players don’t need to worry about joining large raiding groups in order to take this bird down. There’s an easier way a very small group of people can overwhelm and take down Moltres all within the five-minute timer.

pokemon go moltres first spawn

What Pokemon to Bring

Since Moltres is a Flying and Fire type Pokemon, players will want to make sure they have plenty of water and rock type pocket monsters. In this case, the game highlights creatures like Tyranitar, Omastar, and Golem as the best possible options.

For players attempting to take down the raid with a small group, the best strategy is to simply overwhelm the opponent with power leveled Pokemon. According to Reddit user Diepokemonsters, their group of five managed to bring down Moltres by using only Vaporeon. Each member of the raid team used a Pokemon that ranged from level 30-36, which essentially made the Overheat enabled Moltres no match for the group.

The user also went on to confirm that their particular set of Vaporeons each had at least 3000 CP, but later went in again with three 2550 ones, and also found success as well.

While Moltres is still less than a day old in Pokemon GO, players will no doubt continue to develop strategies for dealing with this fire bird before its time is up next week. For trainers without a high powered stable of Pokemon like Diepokemonsters, make sure to team up with a larger group and continue using golden berries before attempting to catch the bird for the best chance at success.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

Source: Reddit