The Pokemon GO community has been incredibly lively this week as new and old players flock to the game to try out the updated Gyms and the new Battle Raid system. Lots of casual players were disappointed over the weekend when they realized they didn’t meet the minimum level requirement to participate in Battle Raids, but luckily that number is dropping quickly.

On day one of Battle Raids, only Pokemon GO players level 35 and higher could participate in the new multiplayer events. By the end of the weekend, that requirement was down to level 25 and it seems like today players as low as level 20 can help take down the special bosses.

Here is the official update from Niantic on the level requirement…

It may sound like Niantic keeps changing its mind, but this is actually just the developer’s way of slowly rolling out the new feature in the live environment. The mobile game has definitely had its share of bug-filled updates that ended up frustrating players, so rolling new features out slowly makes a lot of sense.

Pokemon GO is seeing a serious resurgence thanks to new features and frequent events, so avoiding bugs that could scare players away is a smart strategy. It seems unlikely that the mobile game will ever return to the level of players it had during its first few weeks in the app store, but it still seems to be making plenty of money and thriving. There are still lots of features that could be added, such as trading, so hopefully Niantic stays on the ball and keeps the improvements coming.

Are you able to participate in Battle Raids now? Do you plan to log on and head into battle? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices in select regions.