Pokemon GO players have been accidentally getting into trouble since the game launched. From driving recklessly to gathering in parks after closing time to crossing into crime scenes; there have been tons of documented cases of players stumbling into trouble with the law. That has died down a good bit in the game’s second year, but it looks like groups of players are still causing the occasional disturbance according to this police log…

The police log is from a Melrose, MA newspaper and describes a scene that is all too familiar to any Pokemon GO player who frequently completes Battle Raids. Cars full of players flock to a park or public statue that is usually ignored by the community and the nearby locals get spooked and call the cops. It may sound silly to call the police just because people are showing up at a park, but we’ve seen it happen in person multiple times.

Here’s a look at the police summary of the incident…


Luckily, it sounds like the cops recognized that this was just a group of Pokemon GO players and didn’t take any further action. These kinds of incidents were far more common in the game’s early days, but the release of Battle Raids, and especially limited availability Legendary creatures, has led to more groups of people playing in the same location at the same time.

As long as players don’t break any park rules and only raid while the parks are open to the public, there should be no reason to worry, even if the locals are angry about a group of “adults playing Pokemon GO.”

Good luck out there, trainers! And stay out of trouble.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit