The developer behind Pokemon GO provides gamers with an update on the battery saver mode for its immensely popular mobile game. Don’t worry, it’s on the way.

Despite how popular the game has become, there’s no denying that Pokemon GO has some issues that need to be worked out. In the latest update for the game, developer Niantic removed the tracking system entirely in a bid to retool it before putting it in the hands of eager fans, but this (along with a number of other changes) resulted in severe backlash and lead to agitated members of the community severely impacting the title’s app store rating. While this has been a major point of contention amongst fans, it seems that another major issue may be addressed in the near future.

As anyone playing Pokemon GO can attest, the game drains battery incredibly quickly. Prior to the most recent update, however, there was a battery saver mode made available for iOS users which helped with this issue. Whenever the app was open and the iPhone was held upside down or sideways, the screen would turn off. This feature has since been taken away for Apple’s device, but Niantic took to Facebook to assure users that the mode will be returning at some point in the immediate future.

“We have been hearing the feedback loud and clear about the removal of the Battery Saver mode on iOS devices. We had removed this feature as several users were experiencing it to be buggy, but we are fairly confident that a fix for this should roll out within the next several days.”

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If it only took several days to restore the battery saver feature just because it was spotty for some, it’s odd that the company would even bother to remove it in the first place. There must be some sort of method to Niantic’s madness, but Pokemon GO fans playing on their Apple devices can rest easy knowing that the issue will be rectified relatively soon. Although, admitting that the team is “fairly confident” that a fix is en route, rather than absolutely certain, isn’t particularly encouraging – but gamers will be waiting for the patch regardless.

While this update is surely anticipated by iOS users, future updates will bring with them even more changes to the game. In particular, one of the most anticipated is the addition of brand new Pocket Monsters, but there’s still no window on when gamers can expect that. In the meantime, addressing current issues is probably the best bet, though.

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Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO – Facebook