Pokemon GO impacts the economy again, this time causing the sales of external battery packs for mobile devices to increase dramatically in just two weeks.

While far from every Pokemon GO player has been shot at or accused of trespassing, there’s one thing on which every Pokemon GO player could probably agree: the game demolishes the battery life of phones. According to a new study, that simple fact has propelled the sale of cellphone battery packs sky high.

Over a two-week period between July 10th and July 23rd, the sale of power packs for cellphones and similar mobile devices skyrocketed by 101 percent. For comparison’s sake, sale reports show that power packs have been seeing an increase in popularity prior to Pokemon GO‘s release, but only rose in sales by 35% between June 2015 and June 2016. In a press release released by the NPD, the rise is believed to be entirely Pokemon GO‘s doing, resulting in a staggering 1.2 million power packs sold over those two weeks.

While Pokemon GO doesn’t have as much of an impact on data plans as gamers had initially feared, it definitely obliterates battery power. Even if a gamer turns off the augmented reality function that uses a phone’s camera, the game keeps track of the player via GPS, which can cause Pokemon GO to drain batteries quickly and sometimes causes phones to overheat while playing the game. As a result, many gamers have resorted to external power packs or taking frequent breaks to charge their phones.

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Pokemon GO has had a massive influence on just about everything, and an increase in battery pack sales is one of the more rational things for the game to have an impact on. Pokemon GO has soared to the top of the app charts and given Nintendo a big boost on the stock market, but it’s also had an indirect impact on the economy in other ways, too. GameStop claims Pokemon GO has given it a boost in foot traffic, clever gamers have been making a buck off the game by selling high-rank Pokemon GO accounts, and others have paid drivers to help them catch Pokemon.

Pokemon GO has a definite impact on phone battery life, and these figures were taken prior to Pokemon GO removing the battery saving mode on iOS. While the number of people playing the game has cooled somewhat, there’s every possibility that manufacturers of power packs will continue to feel a boost for quite some time, especially once Pokemon GO introduces new features.

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Pokemon GO is out now in select areas for Android and iOS devices.

Source: NPD (via IGN)