Pokemon GO is a game that has thrived on the presence of whispers and rumors about its upcoming content. Developer Niantic’s glacial pace in rolling out updates that add gameplay features fans have come to expect from Pokemon titles has made rumors about legendary Pokemon being added quickly take on the qualities of an urban legend – and actually confirmed content additions, like the eventually release of Pokemon GO‘s rare Pikachu, even bigger.

Just what that rare Pikachu is going to look like, however, has been the subject of a lot of debate. Most of the Pokemon GO community up to this point believes that the rare Pikachu will be a shiny variant of the franchise’s poster creature, but a recent short aired in Japan’s Toho Cinemas theater chain might have confirmed something even better. According to the short, Pokemon GO will soon see the addition of Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s iconic hat.

For those wondering why a Japanese cinema chain would have advance knowledge of Niantic’s plans, Toho Cinemas is a Japanese Pokemon GO sponsor, which is likely why the company chose to air a short featuring Pikachu visiting a PokeStop. The short shows a Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat walking by a PokeStop, only to be interrupted by a Ho-Oh flying by and blowing the hat away while spinning the PokeStop.

Naturally, until an official announcement from Niantic, this is simply speculation – but the signs certainly seem to be pointing toward the inclusion of an extremely exciting Pikachu variant in Pokemon GO. That, coupled with the fact that Niantic has been aggressively addressing Pokemon GO bug fixes with each patch update, could be enough to win back some lapsed fans who previously felt a lack of content and glitched features were too much to deal with. Legendary Pokemon are one thing, but a Pikachu in a cool hat? That’s where the money is, Niantic.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: WWG