With legendary Pokemon now available in Pokemon GO, gamers are hard at work battling and catching the rare creatures. Sadly, it looks like one of these legendary Pokemon, Articuno, will soon be leaving Raid Battles, which means Pokemon GO players only have a little time left to defeat and catch one.

Like Lugia before it, Articuno is only available for a limited time as part of the post-Pokemon GO Fest celebrations. While the Pokemon GO Fest itself was plagued with numerous issues for attendees, gamers around the globe are profiting from the event.

Lugia was the first Pokemon available via Legendary Raids, but it was revealed the Pokemon would only be available for 48 hours. Likewise, Articuno is expected to only be available for a limited time to Pokemon GO players, so those looking to scoop up the legendary Pokemon need to get moving. This means finding like-minded trainers with enough powerful Pokemon to take on the behemoth Articuno, which spawns with an impressive 40,000 CP, making it difficult to take down.

Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon Zapdos and Moltres Soon - Articuno

That said, like with Lugia, teams that use their most powerful Pokemon and coordinate together have been successful in defeating and capturing Articuno.

There’s little doubt Niantic is working tirelessly to make sure Pokemon GO gamers around the world have a positive experience with the Raid Battles going forward. After the disastrous experience of Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic has offered those in attendance a refund for their tickets, along with additional goodies to help mend the frustration. Still, the issues put a sour taste in the mouth of many who visited Chicago for the event, which means Niantic has to work extra hard to make up the bad PR.

Fortunately, players can get out and catch themselves a legendary Pokemon. Once Articuno has completed its run in Raid Battles, players can look forward to other unique legendary Pokemon, such as Zapdos and Moltres. Like Lugia and Articuno before them, gamers can likely expect both Zapdo and Moltres to be tough opponents that are only available for a limited time. So those looking to get their hands on the full gamut of legendary Pokemon need to stay close with their raid teams and keep their Pokemon in fighting shape.

Pokemon GO is currently available for Android and iOS devices.