Pokemon GO player unknowingly walks into a police station in search of a Pokemon gym, only to to be quickly arrested due to an outstanding warrant.

Between weary players hiring drivers in order to safely visit Pokestops and the discovery of still-unclaimed Pokemon gyms in Area 51, it’s pretty safe to say that Pokemon GO has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon. Now that the Pokemon experience has evolved to include urban exploration, players have been looking in real-life places – including police stations – in search of those elusive Pokestops and gyms. But as one man found out the hard way, blindly loitering outside a police station while playing Pokemon GO may not be the best idea in the world.

According to a report from WKYC, a 26-year-old-man was recently riding his bike around Milford, Michigan, in search of a Pokemon GO gym. The man eventually arrived at his destination on Atlantic Street, and immediately began trying to install himself as the new gym leader. Seemingly unbeknownst to the man, the gym also happened to be located at the Milford Police Station – a place where he coincidentally had a few outstanding arrest warrants.

Seeing a pajama pants-clad man playing Pokemon GO outside the station probably isn’t something new to the Milford police, but seeing a wanted man walk right up to their doorstep definitely was. According to Police Chief Tom Lindberg, a few of the officers recognized the Pokemon GO player from prior run-ins, and immediately went out to greet – and arrest – the man. The ridiculousness of the incident wasn’t lost on Lindberg, who further stated that he would have never thought that “someone with a warrant would be so driven by the game that they’d walk right up to the police station.

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This isn’t the first time where someone has been so driven by Pokemon GO that they’ve ended up doing something ridiculous. Just recently, a Pokemon GO player nearly lost his job after playing the game at work, which subsequently lead to him being suspected of breaching company security. Of course, that incident pales in comparison to the player who was so obsessed by the game that they actually quit their job in order to focus entirely on playing Pokemon GO

Given that Pokemon GO is still rolling out in countries around the world – Italy, Spain, and Portugal only recently got the app – it probably goes without saying that we can expect some more Pokemon GO-related ridiculousness in the upcoming weeks.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: WKYC