Pokemon GO: Area 51 Has Empty Gyms


The writers from Frag Hero recently played Pokemon GO on the Extraterrestrial highway near Area 51 in Arizona, finding empty gyms and quite a few Pokemon.

Pokemon GO has been putting its players into some very unique places and situations. Whether the game is taking players to Walter White’s house, the hospital, or even to a dead body it is clear that Pokemon GO players are willing to go out of their familiar surroundings to catch ‘em all.

Well recently some of the people over at Frag Hero went above and beyond to see what Pokemon could be around the mysterious Area 51 in Arizona. Frag Hero arrived to find that Area 51 is full of empty and unclaimed gyms, meaning that everyone is either been abducted or that Pokemon GO mania hasn’t reach Alpha Centauri yet.

They say that “the truth is out there”, well it turns out that Pokemon are out there too. During the trip, Frag Hero was able to find multiple Pokemon including a Primeape, Pidgeot, Arcanine, Rhyhorn, and even a Pikachu near an electrical power station. They were even finding Pokemon right by one of the guarded entrances to the base but were not able to take pictures since photographing the gate is illegal.


Frag Hero stressed that players shouldn’t search for Pokemon around Area 51 unless they are absolutely sure of where they are going, wandering around Area 51 with no idea of where you’re going is a great way to get arrested or worse. Fortunately Frag Hero brought a military veteran along to help keep them out of trouble.

Getting arrested by the military for playing Pokemon GO would certainly be unfortunate, even the guy who got caught cheating on his girlfriend would feel that he got off lucky. But, the folks at Frag Hero managed to avoid both the boys in blue and the men in black and were happy to report that they now control 8 gyms along the extraterrestrial highway.

Earlier this week it was reported that Pokemon GO players helped catch an attempted murderer, but now there’s a chance that they could catch a glimpse of visitors from another world. As long as they make sure to not get arrested.


What are some other strange places that Pokemon GO players have been exploring?

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android devices in select regions.

Source: Frag Hero

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