Pokemon GO Adding Different Way to Catch Pokemon with AR Plus


Without a doubt, there are surely still plenty of Pokemon GO fans attempting to defeat and catch Groudon in the title's Legendary Battle Raids, while at the same time trying to nab every creature in the game so as to completely round out their Pokedex. When it comes to catching those Pocket Monsters out in the real world, though, the developer Niantic seems to be looking into adding a new way to capture Pokemon with the addition of a forthcoming feature dubbed "AR Plus."

The "AR Plus" feature looks to be a more in-depth version of Pokemon GO's current AR mode, which takes the background of the catch screen and changes it to a live feed from the camera of players' phones. AR Plus, though, will be a tad more intricate in the way fans come across Pokemon, as trainers will be able to "find" them hidden behind virtual bushes, prompting the players to then approach them in order to increase their odds of catching it. And apparently, sneaking up on a Pokemon will let fans catch them without having to worry about PokeBalls being deflected or about the creature fleeing.


Furthermore, according to a datamine of version 0.87.5, it looks like Pokemon GO's AR Plus mode will include the feature of players being able to "frighten" a Pokemon by moving too close to it, which will then make it become aware of the trainer's presence and cause it to react in whatever way it sees fit. There will only be a limited number of tries to catch each Pokemon using the AR Plus mode, and players will receive some type of bonus with each successful catch.

In addition to the aforementioned features, there also appears to be some sort of variable distance that players have to travel to catch a Pokemon while using AR Plus in the game. Of course, since the feature hasn't been completely detailed by Niantic, one can only imagine at this point that such a requirement will be used as a way to increase difficulty of the AR Plus mode for certain types of rare Pokemon.

All things considered, it will be interesting to see if even more new gameplay elements are brought about in Pokemon GO's AR Plus mode, and if it will potentially bring lapsed players back to the title. After all, Pokemon GO didn't make the top 20 most-downloaded iOS games in 2017, which suggests that Niantic needs to offer some truly unique and meaningful updates for the ARG to bring fans back into the fold.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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