Pokemon GO Field Research Breakthrough Task Rewards April 2019

Pokemon GO players have a lot to look forward to in April, including the Bug Out event, Bagon Community Day, and whatever else Niantic has cooking. However, between all the events, players still get rewards for completing Field Research tasks 7 times. By completing these April Field Research tasks, players will eventually get to claim their Research breakthrough.

Now, it's worth mentioning that Pokemon GO typically follows a set pattern. This is often why players can predict the Pokemon that will likely be featured as part of the monthly Community Day event, with some members of the community being right in predicting Bagon Community Day, but it seems Niantic has decided to change up its Field Research process. Not too long ago, players started earning a legendary from a random pool of Pokemon instead of one specific legendary when completing Research Breakthroughs. In doing this, though, it extended the length by which these Pokemon will be available.

Pokemon GO Breakthrough reward Legendary Pokemon for April include:

  • Ho-Oh (Gen 2 mascot legendary)
  • Lugia (gen 2 mascot legendary)
  • Entei (gen 2 legendary)
  • Suicune (gen 2 legendary)
  • Raikou (gen 2 legendary)
  • Regice (gen 3 legendary)
  • Regirock (gen 3 legendary)
  • Registeel (gen 3 legendary)

Notably, when this pool last changed, the gen 1 legendary bird trio of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno were all rotated out for the gen 3 titan trio (the Regis) to rotate in. If this is the makings of a new Pokemon GO pattern, then players could perhaps expect another generation swap. This could potentially mean that Ho-Oh and Lugia are swapped out for Groudon and Kyogre, but until Niantic gives a final decision, there is truly no telling what will come as of Field Research breakthroughs in May.

pokemon go lugia ho-oh

For those working on the Pokemon GO April Field Research Breakthrough tasks, it's worth mentioning that April's general tasks are not the only ones players can look forward to completing. From April 2-April 9, Pokemon GO will feature new limited-time Bug Pokemon Field Research Tasks as part of its Bug Out! in-game event.

Pokemon GO is out now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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