Pokemon GO Still Coming to Apple Watch


Amid speculation that Pokemon GO is being dropped from development for the Apple Watch, Apple confirms that the mobile title is still planned for a release on the device.

There have been plenty of changes of late when it comes to Pokemon GO. Not only have players of the game seen the title's new tracker tool expand into different regions, but the title has also unveiled new baby Pokemon to hatch. However, there was still one promised update that has been mysteriously looked over: where, exactly, was the promised Apple Watch app for the game?

Players were initially told about Pokemon GO for Apple Watch several months ago, but owners of the Apple device have not heard anything in a while. As such, Pokemon GO players after the chance to play the title with Apple Watch were growing concerned that there were some issues behind the scenes, and this was not helped by speculation that the port to the device was being cancelled. Now, however, Niantic has been able to give an update on the issue.

It's good news for Apple Watch owners, too. The developer took to the official Pokemon GO Twitter account to confirm that the Apple Watch version of Pokemon GO is still on the way, although no actual release date was advised. "Pokemon GO for Apple Watch is coming soon," stated the post. "Stay tuned."


Although some may be frustrated at the lack of concrete details, it's at least put to rest the notion that the game was not going to make it to Apple Watch at all. However, as we edge ever closer to the end of 2016, it does look likely that the previously-set target of an end-of-year release of the Apple Watch app is going to be missed - but hopefully not by much.

The Apple Watch app for the title is going to act as a peripheral of sorts, akin to a more complex version of the Pokemon GO Plus. Players will be able to see information such as the XP needed to reach a new level, nearby Pokemon, and the distance needed to hatch eggs, as well as actively being able to collect from PokeStops and watch eggs hatch. However, users would still need to use their iPhone itself in order to catch any Pokemon.

Although no release date for Apple Watch has been set, it's likely that Niantic will want to act fast on this. Pokemon GO was one of the biggest games of 2016, acting as the most popular Google search of the year and even earning itself awards, but that popularity is not going to last forever. To truly make the most of the game's potential, the developer will want to get the app onto Apple Watch as soon as possible.

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