The Pokemon GO Anniversary Box deal just isn’t worth it, argue players who aren’t satisfied with Niantic’s latest discount bundle. Niantic kicked off the Pokemon GO Anniversary event earlier this week, offering a Pikachu with Ash’s hat and more.

Included in the Pokemon GO Anniversary Box is the following: six egg incubators, six max revives, 20 Ultra Balls, and two premium passes for Pokemon GO raids. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the hit mobile game being released, Niantic is offering players all of this for the price of 1,200 coins or $9.99 in US currency. The problem is, the full cost of these items isn’t much more than that price, meaning that it’s an incredibly small discount.

Six egg incubators would typically cost 900 coins (at 150 coins apiece), the two premium Raid passes would cost 100 coins each, and the six max revives would cost 180 coins. Ultra Balls cannot be purchased but 20 Poke Balls would cost 100 coins. Altogether that makes 1380 coins outside of the Anniversary event, meaning that Pokemon GO players are securing a saving of just 180 coins which is equivalent to $2.

pokemon go anniversary event

The argument from many Pokemon GO players is that this just isn’t good enough. Admittedly, Niantic does have a few other things planned to celebrate one year of the game’s availability, including the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest. However, for those who cannot attend that event, they will have been hoping that the Anniversary Box discounts would at least be something worth celebrating. Pokemon GO is one of the biggest games on the planet, after all, so it would have been right for Niantic to really make the birthday bash worth it.

It should be noted that Niantic is often quick to address the concerns voiced by Pokemon GO players. If players say that they are unhappy with something then the developer tends to listen – even if it doesn’t necessarily act on that feedback. For example, the Pokemon GO Gym update came after players continued to complain that Gyms just weren’t fun for them to play and could actually be frustrating. The developer’s actions against cheaters and spoofers also came after fans continued to express their anger at those who misuse the game.

Niantic has already extended the festivities to July 24 due to an error with Ash Pikachu. That may give the developer enough time to sweeten the Anniversary Box deal and reward players who have already purchased it, so watch this space.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.