This month celebrates the one-year anniversary of Pokemon GO, which took the mobile gaming market (and by extension the world) by storm in the summer of 2016. Developer Niantic has not forgotten that fact either, and wants to reward its loyal players with some special goodies in honor of the game’s first birthday.

As part of the Pokemon GO Anniversary event, players will notice that any Pikachu found and caught in the wild will be wearing the Ash Ketchum hat. Prior to this reveal, rumors surfaced that suggested a Ash Hat Pikachu might enter the game – similar to how the Christmas Hat Pikachu appeared during holiday time – and this confirms it.

Alongside the addition of Ash Hat Pikachu to Pokemon GO, Niantic is also adding a special Anniversary Box item to the game’s store for the duration of the birthday celebration. These “loot boxes” will include important Pokemon GO essentials like Incubators, Max Revives, and Ultra Balls. But more importantly they will contain Raid Passes for use in the game’s new Raid Battles.

Both the Ash Hat Pikachu and the Anniversary Boxes will be available in Pokemon GO starting today, July 6th, until July 24th. That’s plenty of time for players to try their hand at catching the iconic looking Pikachu and stocking up on plenty of important consumables.


Interesting enough, the Pokemon GO Anniversary Event ends right before a rumored Electric Type event is said to start, on July 25th. While Niantic has yet to confirm if any such event is supposed to take place, the timing certainly makes the possibility seem more likely. That, or the rumor’s creator has a great sense for timing.

While this appears to be the main, game-wide offering for Pokemon GO’s Anniversary it may not be the only thing for players to enjoy this month. Pokemon GO Fest is set to take place on July 22nd and there is a strong belief that the event will feature the launch of new Pokemon GO content, both for the fans in attendance and the players around the world. It could be as simple as activating a new tier for Raid Battles, perhaps with Legendary Pokemon as a reward, or it may be something more elaborate.

For now, though, the focus is on the Ash Hat Pikachu and the Anniversary loot. Happy collecting!

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android devices.