Animal Shelter Raises $13K With Pokemon GO Event


A Pokemon GO fundraiser event raises an astounding $13,000 in donations for the Wood Green Animal Shelter, a testament to both gaming goodwill and the app's popularity.

The main wave of Pokemon GO hype seems to be dying now that many gamers are returning to school or are simply waiting for the promised PvP mode, but the high profile application is still proving to be a lucrative entity. Many local business have profited off of the game simply from being placed near rare Pokemon spawns and Pokestops, and this month an English animal shelter used its local Pokestop popularity to organize a Pokemon GO event that raised an astounding $13,000 in donations.

As posted by a user on Reddit, the Wood Green Animal Shelter in England used its reputation as a nesting spot for Charmanders to lure in Pokemon GO players and animal lovers alike, and then spurred on the rivalry between the three Pokemon GO teams to see who could donate more money to a good cause. It's the second time the animal shelter has hosted a Pokemon GO event, with the second event bringing in roughly triple the donations as compared to the first.

pokemon go made a ridiculous amount of money last month

Unfortunately for the shelter, the nest migration from earlier this week has now changed the Wood Green Animal Shelter into a Rhyorn hotspot, which will likely prove less popular for Pokemon trainers looking for the lovable fire-tailed starter. It's a good thing that Wood Green capitalized on the popularity of Pokemon GO when it still had Charmander's charm behind it, though we're sure the organizers are content with $13,000 they probably weren't anticipating at this point in time last year.

As lucrative as the first two fundraiser events were for Wood Green, nobody can come close to beating developer Niantic when it comes to Pokemon GO profits. The application has made an astounding $200 million in its first month alone, and the company has promised new features to keep the good times rolling. The studio is currently working on re-implementing the capture map, and are currently fixing some of the bugs that seem to have come bundled with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory.

Still, it's a good time to be a Pokemon GO player considering that the buddy update was just released and rare Pokemon seem to be spawning more frequently. While the application has its dangerous downsides, it's clear most gamers think that Pokemon GO is well worth the risk — especially if one can play the game and raise some money for a good cause while doing so.

Are you still playing Pokemon GO, Ranters?

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit

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