Pokemon GO Will Release for Android Watches


Android Wear users are in luck, as dataminers at the Pokemon GO Hub have confirmed that the app will be coming to the smartwatch devices in the near future.

Global sensation Pokemon GO may be losing its paying players, but Niantic isn't giving up on the ambitious AR project, giving its fans a whole new way to play the game over the coming months.

Only a few days ago, Niantic took to the stage at Apple's Special Event in order to announce that the game would soon be coming to the Apple Watch, a fact that will allow Pokemon GO fans to catch more of the classic 151, without using their mobile devices. Now however, dataminers over at Pokemon GO Hub have confirmed that the game will also be available on Android Wear, sometime in the near future.

Pokemon Go Apple Watch 3 encounter

According to the discoverers, the android version of the app contains code for a range of Android Wear devices. The code is complete, ready to be implemented, and will use bluetooth to connect to the player's mobile. It's not just Android phones that will be able to used with the Android smartwatches however, and certain watches will work with iOS devices too.

For those who make use of the Android Wear to play Pokemon GO will be able to have the app running on the watch, without the mobile version needing to be open. Players will be able to track and capture Pokemon, recieve items, and notify the Android app in case of issues (such as lack of Pokeballs).

In other recent Pokemon GO news, the long-awaited "buddy" update has finally begun to launch, following delays. The update adds to ability to gain candy for your favorite Pokemon, by walking with them set as your buddy. For those who have been lucky enough to catch or hatch their very own Pikachu, an amazing Easter egg is available, once over 10 KM have been walked alongside the iconic electric mouse.

Introducing new features into the game is a good way to attempt to gain back some of Pokemon GO's lost users, though we'll have to wait to see if this is enough to bring back the hype that the title has lost recently. Similarly, giving players new ways to access the game, other than from their mobile devices, is a good move as it eliminates the severe issues that Pokemon GO has with battery-drainage.

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