Amazon CTO Wants to Help Fix Pokemon GO's Servers

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Pokemon GO is struggling, but it seems that Amazon's Chief Technology Officer might just be able to offer the help that the game needs to get its launch back on track.

Incredible, massive, and inspired are all words that easily describe Pokemon GO, the product of Niantic Inc. and The Pokemon Company's partnership last year. Another word that would fit the bill, however, is unstable.

This may all change soon however, as Chief Technology Officer for Amazon, Werner Vogels, tweeted at the official Niantic account to ask if they needed any assistance with reviving the struggling Pokemon GO.


A reddit account by the name of "djwerner" that appears to be from the man himself clarified the tweet, claiming that his offer was sincere.

"This was not intended as a snark, joke, rip or self-promotion." the account commented. "I just want people (including myself) to play given how much fun it is. We have some experience in running big software systems that need to scale and just want to help.

Since its launch in Australia and New Zealand over the last few days, Pokemon GO has gradually been making its way onto mobile devices all around the world as gamers finally get to realise the joy of becoming the very best Pokemon trainer, like no-one ever was. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of people wanting to experience the adventure for themselves has resulted in some pretty serious server crashes for the developers, leaving a lot of people unable to log in and catch the creatures for themselves.


Now the worldwide launch of the game has been temporarily halted, leaving those people in areas that didn't recieve an official release left to look in with jealousy at those that did. Server issues are common with launch titles even today, something we can see by looking at Street Fighter 5's issue-filled launch earlier this year, but that doesn't make them any less frustrating for those who have waited a long time to play the games.

In the mean time, as we wait for the servers to recover and Niantic to continue rolling out the Pokemon AR title, future trainers can take a look at our range of Pokemon guides to help prepare themselves for the time when the game finally becomes available. For example, we recently discovered that there is a way to emulate Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet, by getting a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, rather than picking from the choices offered to most players.

Players might also be interested in how to gain Pokecoins as well as gaining the know-how to rank up fast, in order to make the most of the experience and to make up for lost time when Pokemon GO recovers from its server problems.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS in select regions.

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