Pokemon GO Adventure Week Has New Shiny Pokemon


Adventure Week for Pokemon GO started earlier today and brought with it a variety of things for players to look forward to, like Rock-type Pokemon appearing more frequently and earning more XP from Gym and Pokestop photo discs.  It now seems that some new shiny Pokemon have been added to the mix, as well.

From the sounds of it, five more shiny versions of Pokemon were added to Pokemon GO for the event. Those five happen to be Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, and Omastar. Some may remember them from Generation 1 Pokemon games as the Pokemon that had to be resurrected from different fossils. A dataminer by the name of Chrales had initially broken the news and some lucky players confirmed it later after running into some of the shiny Pokemon in the game after the event went live.

Of course, there is a difference in appearance for each of these new shiny Pokemon to tell them apart from their non-shiny brethren. Aerodactyl has more of a purple hue to it as opposed to the normal gray color. Kabuto and Kabutops have shells that are green instead of the default brown. Last but not least, Omanyte and Omastar also have purple bodies, which are normally blue.


Of course, Adventure Week isn't the only thing Pokemon GO players have to look forward to. As with other months, there will be a Community Day for coming up next month. That event is scheduled for June 16th, which is about three weeks away. It will focus on Larvitar and the event exclusive move has already been leaked. Players will also get the chance for another shiny Pokemon with the June Community Day in the form of a shiny Tyranitar.

With the lure of new shiny Pokemon, increased XP gain, and the increased chances of finding and catching Rock-type Pokemon, Adventure Week should offer plenty for Pokemon GO players to keep themselves busy. Let's not forget that the event will feature special raid bosses and selected buddy Pokemon will earn candy at an increased rate.

Pokemon GO Adventure Week will run from May 24th until June 5th.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Chrales – Twitter (via ComicBook)

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