Pokemon GO Gets Incredibly Useful 'Adventure Sync' Feature

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync feature announced

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has been adding lots of much-requested features to its game recently. This includes the Gen 4 Pokemon update which finally introduced characters first found in the Sinnoh region, including shiny variations and regional exclusives. That's not all the studio has up its sleeve, though, unveiling yet another feature that fans have been asking for.

Today, Niantic announced a Pokemon GO feature called Adventure Sync, which the developer says will make exploring "easier" than before. The upcoming feature does not yet have a release date, but it will allow players to record their walking distances even when they haven't opened the game. It will simply record the distance walked in the background.

This should make hatching eggs easier at least, as players will no longer miss out on precious kilometers when they've forgotten to open the game before going on their walk. The game will also give players push notifications when an egg is going to hatch, or when a buddy Pokemon has found a candy.

Niantic also reveals that Adventure Sync will provide players with a "weekly summary." This summary will allow players to see their progress with egg incubators and candy progress (earned when walking with a designated buddy Pokemon). When the new Pokemon GO feature launches, players will be able to visit their Trainer Profile in order to access the summary.

Moreover, Adventure Sync will include milestone tasks for players to achieve and they will earn rewards "each week" for completing these. The feature also connects to the Apple Health and Google Fit fitness apps. Several weeks ago, the Pokemon GO community datamined an update and found evidence of some sort of fitness-focused update that included milestones for walking certain distances. While it isn't clear exactly what these rewards are, it seems that Adventure Sync was the feature indicated in that datamine.

While the feature has yet to be released, it's easy to see how Adventure Sync's inclusion in Pokemon GO could be expanded beyond the details described by Niantic. For example, the developer could set up a global challenge for players to earn a certain amount of movement points in Google Fit as part of a global Pokemon GO health day. The feature seems significant so it will be interesting to see what Niantic does with it in future.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Niantic

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