Pokemon GO players have had excellent luck recently when it comes to building their collections of shiny Pokemon. At the recent Community Day event players were able to catch a shiny Pikachu and it seems that yet another shiny variable is about to become available soon as well.

The Pokemon GO community has now discovered evidence that suggests that shiny Chikorita is about to be added to the game. Dataminers have found several files of shiny models for Chikorita and its evolutions, Bayleef and Meganium (there are shiny models for Meganium’s male and female forms). According to dataminer Chrales, who has previously leaked information about new items coming to the game, 3D assets for shiny Chikorita and its evolutions can also be found in the game.

The shiny variation of Chikorita itself isn’t such a huge difference. The small, Grass-type Pokemon is usually a light green color with a dark green leaf but as a shiny, Chikorita’s body becomes a much brighter green and its leaf becomes brown. Meanwhile, Bayleef’s yellow body and green leaves turn into a brown body with yellow leaves. Meganium’s body also becomes a lighter shade of green and its red leaves turn brown (the antenna on the male and female forms remain yellow).

Pokemon GO shiny Chikorita model

Pokemon GO shiny Bayleef model

Pokemon GO shiny Meganium model

At this point, it’s unclear when shiny Chikorita might actually be available to catch in the game. The next Community Day event is taking place next month and this could be a good opportunity for developer Niantic to release the new shiny variation. It would also give fans something extra to be excited about. But there are no guarantees that it will be made available during the event.

Whenever shiny Chikorita (and its evolutions arrive), Pokemon GO players will surely welcome it with open arms. The list of shiny Pokemon available in the game continues to grow and there are now over a dozen shiny color variations of the pocket monsters.

Because shinies are so rare in the game, it means that players are unlikely to catch every single shiny that has been released. However, the more shiny variations there are of the different characters, the more likely it is that players will be able to add at least one shiny Pokemon to their collection. Watch this space for more information about the next shiny release.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit, Chrales