Pokemon GO May Have Added Ditto to the Game


The dataminers at The Silph Road are back at it again, and it appears that Pokemon GO's latest update might finally include the arrival of the highly sought-after Ditto.

It might feel like Pokemon GO has been around for years at this point given the constant press coverage and the game's titanic global sales success, but Niantic's mobile killer app is still well shy of its very first birthday. Pokemon GO is, much like the namesake critters that populate the alternate reality game, slowly evolving into more of a varied and fulfilling gameplay experience, but fans of the series still want more, despite the fact that Niantic's CEO has said Pokemon GO still has more secrets to discover in its current iteration.

If the existence of one specific Pokemon is still a secret, however, it isn't for lack of trying from the game's massive playerbase. Despite evidence from a recent Pokemon GO datamine suggesting Ditto was finally on the way, gamers still haven't been able to unearth the location of the Pokemon world's favorite mimic. Now, the same datamining team behind the last Ditto rumor has found even more evidence suggesting the genderless Pokemon will be on the way soon - or even in Pokemon GO right now.

The team at The Silph Road released a statement earlier that said new code for Ditto has been added en masse. Various different coding segments now suggest that Ditto is now encounterable in the wild, can be used in battle by trainers, and now has sound effects and a background graphic within the game's data. Apparently, World of Warcraft-like constant updates in Pokemon GO might have already implemented Ditto within the game, as trainers now have everything they need on their mobile devices to support the creature in Pokemon GO.

People were already likely to flock to Pokemon GO's double XP event, which Niantic implemented to celebrate American Thanksgiving, but it looks like there's even more incentive for trainers now, as a world-first Ditto is the exact kind of bragging rights that many gamers salivate over. These kind of updates from Niantic are also a strong indication that the developer finally has a firm grasp on what Pokemon GO fans want out of future patches, as a rocky start for the mobile title has now been converted into a relatively smooth ride for all.


Whether or not Ditto is in Pokemon GO finally will be obvious pretty quickly given the game's staggering popularity, but it's moments like these that make Pokemon GO so fun in the first place. Every Pokemon fan remembers the anticipation that came with hunting down a hard to find Pokemon in the early handheld titles - now gamers have the chance to do that on a global scale, side-by-side with millions of other trainers attempting to accomplish the feat of owning a Ditto before everyone else.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: The Silph Road (via VG 24/7)

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